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All You Need To Know About What Constitutes Serious Injury In Law

Injury In Law


If you are wondering what a serious injury means when it comes to the law and how it differs from a minor injury, then you are at the right place. If you or someone you know has been the victim of such serious injuries, then knowing when to hire a serious injury lawyer to pursue a case is important.

What Constitutes Serious Injury

In law, a serious injury is something that will involve a fracture, dismemberment, permanent loss, disfigurement, loss of fetus, loss of body function, system, organ, etc. It may also involve an injury that is not permanent but will keep you physically incapacitated and unable to perform your normal obligations for more than 90 days. A serious injury is also something that may result in death or dismemberment of organs later.

Proving Serious Injury

The thing to understand about the legal world is that something may be very apparent with the naked eyes but unless it can be proven in legal terms, it does not have much scope. You may know very well that a person dear to you has had a serious injury but unless it is proven legally, it can be a problem.

Here are pointers to help you through the process of what is to be done.

  • Hiring a Lawyer

An attorney with good experience in serious injury cases must be hired. It is often seen in such injuries that a lot of money is paid in the form of hospital bills and therapy sessions. The victim needs all the financial help he can get to get a move on in life. That is why hiring a lawyer who can speak legal knowledge and who has experience working with insurance companies is crucial. This way, the right of the victim will be protected.

  • Get Documentation

Another crucial point in case of serious injury cases is the need to get documentation, this means doctors have to present documents to prove that there indeed has been a serious injury. All reports and doctor’s prescriptions should be saved and prepared to go through the other party’s eyes and they should stand up in court.

  • Internal Damage

Sometimes injuries are not apparent to the naked eyes but they are very serious. This is what internal damages can mean and if not given the right kind of treatment, they can cause a lot of problems including permanent damage. That is why if you feel someone has internal injuries that need to be addressed, it is important to get a doctor or health care professional to write it all down.

When it comes to serious personal injury, it is extremely important to hire an attorney for the same, this is because getting insurance compensation to treat those serious injuries is of critical importance. If that doesn’t happen, it may prevent the victim from getting the treatment that could make it better. That is why getting proper legal representation after a serious personal injury has occurred is necessary.

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