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What is Amazon ASIN number? This term is widely used by new amazon sellers and those who are going to start an Amazon business. This is because ASIN is the most important block in the base of amazon’s best user experience. No one can deny the importance and benefits of using amazon’s standard identification number.

This article will present some of the disadvantages of ASIN numbers that are not considered by the sellers. Keep reading to learn about the disadvantages of amazon’s standard identification number.


ASIN is unique but functional for this marketplace only. Contrasting to the SKU, amazon’s standard identification number does not give us detailed information about the date of purchase or the suppliers that you bought it from.

If you have multiple stores on amazon and you sell in different amazon international marketplaces then your product listings will have different amazon standard identification numbers. This increases the management of a lot of amazon standard identification numbers that need to be managed very carefully.

2. Still Requires GTINs:

Amazon standard identification numbers do not completely eliminate the requirement of EAN, UPC, and international standard book numbers. If you are selling any product that is not already sold on Amazon then you will need to apply for a specific amazon standard identification number. Apart from the product page, you would also need to provide a global trade item number to identify your product. The UPC, ISBN, and EAN are the common global trade item numbers for product identification. If you do not own GTIN then you would buy a new one.

3. Hard Reseller Competition:

Specific amazon identification numbers provide protection to trademark owners and manufacturers. Wholesalers, distributors, and resellers must use the same amazon standard identification number (ASIN) if the product they are selling is similar to yours. It means there will be hard competition for the same product listings.

The customers or buyers have complete freedom to choose their favorite item irrespective of the manufacturers.

4. ASIN Numbers Can Be Hijacked:

The usage of similar amazon standard identification numbers can play a positive role not only for sellers but counterfeiters can also make the most of it. Counterfeiters can hijack the legitimate standard identification number. These items will be listed in the marketplace along with the original items and the reseller will not be able to know about it until the customer does not leave a bad review after receiving a counterfeit item.

If you are new to Amazon, you must consider these disadvantages. However, the amazon standard identification number has more positive sides as compared to the disadvantages. Moreover, if you are growing up your business through amazon then you have only one option that is to use the standard identification numbers provided by amazon whether you like these ASIN numbers or not. However, the sellers of amazon cannot ignore the importance of amazon’s standard identification number because these are the backbone for the management of items on amazon.

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