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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Payroll Software

Payroll Software


Processing your company’s payroll on time is important. As your company expands, you will know that processing of payroll is complex. Hence, choosing the right payroll software is paramount.

Using the right payroll software in the company will help to save resources and time. And the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert to use payroll software solutions.

All you need is efficient software that includes all the features your business needs. However, not every software is created the same. This is why experts at BoardRoom suggest that you consider the following factors to ensure you make the right decision:

1.    Integrations

Integration of payroll software is one of the steps of automating payroll. Automating payroll tasks, like issuing bulk payments and calculating employee wages, means less work for the payroll team.

However, businesses, which are serious when it comes to making payroll as effective as possible must go further and integrate their solutions with other tools for managing the workforce. With this, businesses will achieve real-time automation and, at the same time, minimize human intervention.

2.    Free Trial

Ensure the software solution you choose comes with a free trial feature. With this, your team can determine whether the software solution will fit your business perfectly.

One major mistake may be buying a software solution that won’t work for you. With a solution featuring free trial versions, you may test the software as well as see its pros and cons. Plus, you may determine whether it meets all payment records and employee data criteria.

3.    Number of Workers

Most payroll outsourcing services or solutions are priced according to the total number of workers you already have. So it is best to have that figure in mind when exploring potential service providers. The bigger the number, the stronger your software will have to be.

If your company is involved in payroll for a few businesses, determine also how many companies you will need for payroll processing. And if you are an umbrella business organization, you may need to process payment for a few businesses. In such a case, your chosen software solution should handle multiple agencies and employers.

4.    Payroll Services

Payroll software features vary among service providers, including ease of use, integrations, and costs. Most payroll businesses offer various plans, enabling you to find a ground that suits your needs and budget. Some of the features to expect from payroll software solutions are:

  • Mobile apps for workers
  • Availability of customer support
  • Time-tracking and attendance tools
  • Types of payroll processing reports
  • Payment timing
  • Payroll automation
  • Business software integrations

5.    Customer Support

Quality customer support included in payroll outsourcing services and from your project manager is important. Your software provider must always be available to give you advice based on payroll solutions and respond to questions you might have.

You will get a customer-focused and personalized approach with a reliable software provider from the beginning to the end. Whether you have outsourced payroll services or are doing everything in-house, software with good customer support will come in handy.

6.   Business Goals

When finding a service provider, you can be tempted to begin with a list of features you want. But doing so may result in an impossibly long list, thus, making your search taxing instead of being productive.

Rather than doing that, start by checking your company’s goals, determining the ones that are your top priority, and focusing on the features that can help you attain your goals.

If you want to empower the mobile workforce, then include a solution that integrates with mobile apps. And if you want to design work schedules, opt for a solution that guarantees insightful data analytics.

7.    Security

Payroll software often has very sensitive data about a business organization and its employees. This data must be taken care of and secured by trustworthy people.

When choosing a provider for payroll software, make sure it has never had security problems before and that the vendor is completely answerable for security breaks.

8.    Payroll Legislation

Consider additional and standard payroll legislation that your business will need to adhere to and follow. These may include local, state, and federal regulations. With this, you will ascertain that your package for payroll stays compliant, helping you avoid financial losses or costly penalties.

In order to educate yourself on various payroll processes and regulations, which can affect your company, contact the right association in Singapore. The association should help you better understand Singapore payroll regulations and laws through informative programs and courses.s

9.    Simplicity

Basically, it is important to choose a software solution with a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. Simplicity is vital when you are looking to introduce a new system in your business organization.

Some modern payroll software solutions offer payroll processing services in bulk. This may include bulk updates, communications, payments, and so on. Hence, if your company has many employees, this can speed up the entire operation.

Apart from bulk payroll abilities and user interface, the simplicity of a software solution must be seen in logins. If you are processing payroll for many companies, having one login is the simplest way to do that. As a matter of fact, logging in and out for every company will be expensive for accountants. So you might want to check access limitations, and that includes user licenses.

10. Salary Components

Your company might have anyone from an experienced veteran to newly recruited interns. Catering to different compensation structures within your business organization will help you easily manage team budgets, employee spending, and payroll.

Through payroll software solutions, you can choose various salary components for your job profile. For instance, you might need a high fuel reimbursement limit for field sales work compared to marketers. Thus, you should save those settings so that you may reuse them for your new staff.

To Wrap-Up

When choosing and deploying new payroll processing solutions, there are numerous factors to consider. Among the most vital of these is choosing a software provider well-known for their experience, world-class customer support, and dependable business solutions.

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