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3 Benefits of a Stormwater Drainage Pit

stormwater drainage pi


Whenever it rains, some of the water goes directly into waterways while the rest ends up pooling on roofs, roads, driveways, and other large surfaces. These pools of water eventually run off somewhere, typically into the community drainage or sewer system. Depending on the amount of rain, that can mean a large amount of accumulated stormwater. Unless it’s contained or diverted, stormwater can cause some flooding or even property damage, given enough time.

The good news is, a stormwater drainage pit with cover can help prevent that. Even if it’s not designed to hold water for very long, it still does a lot to divert water away from the places it can cause damage and store it just long enough to allow it to drain elsewhere. If you need more convincing on how useful a drainage pit will be, though, let’s take a look at a few more benefits you can expect to see.

Lesser Risk in Contaminants Spreading

 Whenever water has pooled for some time, there’s always a risk of germs, bacteria, and other contaminants getting into that water, especially if the area is exposed. The water flowing elsewhere won’t get rid of the contaminants in it; in fact, that’s worse because it will then spread the contaminants over a wider area, putting animals, plants, and people at risk.

With a stormwater drainage pit, not only will the water not be exposed to the elements, but it’s less likely to stay long enough for bacteria and the like to breed and accumulate. An effective treatment and drainage system therefore lessen the risk of diseases spreading via contaminated stormwater.

Conserve and Recycle Water

 If your system is configured in such a way that stormwater in the drainage pit is treated and filtered and then stored once more in a separate tank for later use, then you’ll be able to reduce your monthly water bill. After all, now that the water has been treated, there’s nothing wrong with using the collected water to clean, water plants, and other such chores. If it’s treated enough, it can even be safe to drink.

Lessen Environmental Impact

 It’s not just property and people that suffer whenever there’s a flood. Plants and animals do, too. Some plants don’t do well if there’s too much water, while others might get uprooted and eventually die. Animals, on the other hand, may die if they’re soaked and then exposed, or they may become displaced, just like people would be.

When you have a functioning stormwater collection or treatment system – or a good stormwater drainage pit, at least – you’ll be able to prevent any excess water from flowing to any one area and flooding it, therefore sparing flora and fauna there.

How important these benefits are to you will depend on your priorities, of course, but there’s no denying that the points above make a compelling case for a sturdy, functioning stormwater drainage pit. So if your property doesn’t have one yet, at least consider calling a professional to help you pinpoint a system and drainage pit that suits your and your property’s needs.

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