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Demat Account Charges: A Overview of Fees and Expenses

Demat Account Charges


In this digital age, investing in the stock market has become more convenient and accessible thanks to technology. With demat accounts, individuals can now easily manage their investments by holding and transacting electronically, eliminating the need for physical share certificates. In addition, Demat accounts can be opened online through the Demat app for Android devices, making it easier for investors to participate in online trading. 

Types of Demat Account Charges

It provides a convenient way for investors to trade and hold their investments electronically. However, like any financial service, certain charges are associated with a Demat account.

Account Opening Charges: You may be forced to pay an account opening charge when you open a Demat account with a brokerage business or a bank. This fee varies by service provider and might range from a nominal fee to a large amount. It is critical to evaluate the account opening fees of several providers to select the one that best fits your budget.

Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): AMC is a recurring charge levied by the Depository Participants (DPs) for maintaining and servicing the Demat account. This charge covers the costs of technology infrastructure, customer support, and administrative overheads. The AMC varies from one DP to another and can be either a fixed fee or a percentage of the value of holdings in the Demat account. It is crucial to understand the AMC structure before choosing a service provider.

Transaction Charges: The Depository and the Exchange levy transaction fees for each debit instruction (selling) from the Demat account. These fees are often a fixed price per transaction and vary according to the type and value of the traded securities. Charges for equities transactions, for example, may differ from those for mutual funds or bonds. It is critical to understand transaction fees to consider them in your investment selections.

Brokerage Fee: Brokerage fees are fees charged by brokerage firms for executing buy and sell orders on your behalf. While this fee is not directly tied to the Demat account, it is essential to the overall trading cost. Brokerage fees can be calculated as a percentage of the transaction value or as a flat rate per trade. Different brokerage firms have other cost structures. Therefore it is best to evaluate brokerage fees before deciding on one.

SMS and Email Alert Charges: Some service providers may charge a fee for SMS and email alerts concerning Demat account transactions and activities. These alerts keep you up to date on the status of your assets and provide transparency. While these expenses are usually minimal, checking whether they are included in the account maintenance fees or charged separately is crucial.

Late Payment Charges: If you do not pay the yearly maintenance costs or other payments by the due date, the Depository Participant may apply late payment penalties. These fees are usually a percentage of the outstanding balance and can add up over time. Sticking to the payment schedule is critical to prevent incurring additional costs.

Account Closure Charges: If you decide to close your Demat account, some service providers may charge you a fee. This fee may apply if you close the account within a specific time frame, usually a few months or a year from the opening date. Account closing fees might vary considerably. Thus, it is best to double-check this price beforehand.

Steps to open a demat account online

Research and choose a reliable demat app

Begin by researching different demat apps available for Android. Consider factors such as reputation, user reviews, security features, ease of use, and the range of services offered. Then, select a reliable app that meets your requirements.

Download the demat app for Android.

Visit the Google Play Store and download the chosen demat app onto your Android device. Ensure that the app is authentic and offered by the official provider.

Complete the registration process.

Launch the app and follow the registration process. Enter your details, including name, contact information, and PAN (Permanent Account Number). Create a unique login ID and password for future access.

Submit required documents online.

The app will guide you through uploading necessary documents, such as your PAN card, proof of address, and proof of identity. Ensure you have scanned copies or clear photographs of these documents ready for submission.

Verification and approval process

After you submit the necessary documents, the service provider will begin the verification process. This may include video KYC (Know Your Customer) verification or a representative visiting you in person. Once the verification is successful, your demat account will be approved, and you can begin trading and investing.


Investing in the stock market has always been challenging with the convenience of demat accounts and the availability of demat apps for Android devices. Opening a demat account online through a dedicated demat app offers benefits such as convenience, time-saving, and accessibility. With just a few steps, you can research and choose a demat app, download it from the Google Play Store, complete the registration process, submit required documents online, undergo verification, and start using your demat account for trading and investing. Explore the possibilities of the demat app for Android and open demat account online today with blinkX.

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