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Everything you Need to Know About a Statement of Information

Statement of Information


A California statement of information (SOI) may be seem as a very short but essential document for all real estate transactions, as it contains important details about the property and its ownership. It usually has critical data like property address, legal description of property, history of ownership and any kind of liabilities or restrictions.

SOI helps with transparency, which is essential to buyers when making a decision because it provides readers with all the necessary information about the house. It is a useful instrument for customers and businessmen, promoting a clear communication and reducing the risk of misunderstanding in a deal. Furthermore, the SOI may include the neighborhood’s school district information as well as nearby facilities, which helps the user to grasp the intended meaning of the area around the property.

By understanding what is contained in a Statement of Information, you are setting up yourself for a more confident approach, whether you are first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor.


Statement of Information (SOI) is a form currently compulsory in the course of real estate proceedings, in which a complete information package about a building and its owners should be indicated.

According to this, the data includes detailed information covering such areas as the description of the legal parcel of property indicating the names of the current owners as well as the incurred encumbrances and liens. The SOI is an effective instrument for both parties, making sure that the process is upheld under an open sky even during the difficult market.


A fully comprehensive SOI is a form that carries significant and important details related to the property. Such information specifies quality of the property and its location, zoning, and lot size.

As well, the majority of the SOIs include data regarding any easements, restrictions or constraints that may affect the property. Besides that, it may provide insights into the property being related to any notice of default, lawsuit, or judgment which can affect the land title or value.

Legal Requirements

Many jurisdictions have made it a legal obligation that a Statement of Information needs to be submitted in the deeds administration. The SOI content and the format of SOI may be specific for various countries and for industries settings in order to meet regulation and standards levels.

However, regardless of these variations, the underlying purpose remains consistent: to confirm equality, fairness and all offerings security sides in the deal. Missing a genuine and wholehearted SOI merely formulates technical concerns that arise later on.


Ultimately, a Statement of Information is a crucial document in real estate transactions, which gives some unique insights about a property and the owner. All the parties engaging in this kind of agreement as per its purpose from the issue of being transparent to the defense of its legality, it is important that they know what they are getting themselves into.

The customer service officer, through his/her ability to give comprehensive and undeniably correct data, lends a hand in the smoother completion of the transaction. As such, both buyers, sellers, and lenders will derive value from his services.

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