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Everything you need to know about videography in real estate

videography in real estate


Video is the most powerful arrow every marketer has in his quiver. Whether you use them for personal branding or are involved in corporate video production in Sydney for business marketing, videos can expand your reach significantly.

In the field of real estate, promoting properties using visuals can be a game-changer. Despite being such a promising tool, videos are still underutilized in this domain. It allows agents to present the properties effectively.

Also, the prospective buyers get a complete tour of the property with a 360-degree view, it helps them get a better understanding of what they are investing in and elevates their interest.

Importance of videography in real estate

Many real estate players are apprehensive about video marketing. They consider it a time-consuming and expensive affair. Here are some benefits that you earn from videos in real estate that make them worth the time and money you spend.

  • A listing with video in real estate receives significantly more inquiries.
  • Nearly 85% of buyers and sellers prefer working with agents that include videos in their efforts.
  • A massive number of buyers begin their property search online. Videos improve your SEO and help you stand out on SERP.
  • Videos help you get more organic hits on your website pages.
  • Presenting properties with video allow you to also show the community around that attracts more prospects
  • Things you can use videos in real estate for

As mentioned earlier, videos are underrated when it comes to promotions in real estate. Even the agents that are inclined towards video marketing often do not understand how to use them. Here are the options on what you can do with your property videos to propel your audience.

Show off a property

Want to capture the astonishing aerial view or the beauty of the spiral staircase, wall accents, or exquisite furniture? Textual descriptions and pictures can never even come close to the impact you can achieve with videos.

Video is an excellent way to showcase the uniqueness of a property. You can set up the best decor and lighting to make the space inviting and shot the video. It serves as a permanent open house and liberates you from daily upkeep.

Getting visibility where your prospects spend time

Online searches and social media are the platforms where most of the research begins. People spend maximum time on media websites and platforms like YouTube. All these platforms allow you to post videos and reach the masses.

It helps you take the property for sale to the people instead of waiting for the prospects for a physical visit. It helps you play with a proactive approach and get ahead of your competition.

Starting a direct conversation with customers

You can also create videos that feature you as the presenter and give a personal touch to it. It is as good as communicating with the prospects on a personal visit and answering their queries.

You can use such videos to give an overview of the buying process, explain what buyers can expect, and answer questions that buyers would commonly ask. All that is done while presenting the property and is always available for clients through your website, social media, emails, etc.

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