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Filing an L&I Claim- Learn the Right Procedure

Filing an L&I Claim


Filing an L&I is either too easy or too difficult. It is all about following the right process and protocol. There are some very common mistakes that people make while dealing with such claims. The main problem is that one has to be sure of what they intend to do or what is happening around them. You may wonder what filing a claim has to do with being aware of one’s surroundings.

The truth is most laborers or workers are not aware of their rights and privileges. This is a common problem among the working class. You have to remember that the law is for you if you are on the right side. You will get all the legal aid you need for your case if you are innocent and suffering. You must know that Labor and Industries regulations and policies will safeguard any worker in trouble while working.

What Benefits Do You Get?

Medical Aid

Medical expenses are a strong point, and if you get it, you can hold onto your savings. You get ample medical help because you need this financial support after an accident or if you fall ill. You must remember that if you think that working for a company is a privilege, then it is the company’s privilege that they have an asset to help them out. Hence, you have to be sure that they will step up and help you when the time comes.

Lost Wages

You will not be able to rejoin work immediately, no matter how hard you try. You have to rest for some time before you are completely fit and can rejoin work. But what happens to all the leaves that you take? You need compensation for all of that, or else it will be a massive financial burden for your family. It may be that you are the only earning member of your family, and if you lose out on valuable time, that is truly devastating. You need compensation for that too.

When Should You File A Claim?

You have to file a claim immediately without any delay. If you are hurt, you need to report to your manager and seek medical help immediately. If you delay the process, then the opposition may claim that you are trying to frame your workplace for an injury that you got from elsewhere. You have to be agile and responsive. You cannot afford to be late while you are hurt and get medical help immediately.

Even if you fall sick while working, you need to tell your reporting manager about it and get the necessary help. However, you must also remember to keep a record of the report and the medical bills. In that way, you can use all of it as proof of the urgency of the situation. The faster you react, the easier it gets for you to get a handsome amount as compensation.

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