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Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase Jewelry At An Auction

Purchase Jewelry At An Auctionou


When you walk into a jewellery auction, you will find very many jewellery options that may be appealing to your eye, and you might already know what you will bid your money on. However, auctioning is not all about raising your paddle and going with your jewellery home; a lot is involved, and you need to learn this before you walk into any jewellery auctions.  Also, going to an auction doesn’t necessarily mean you bid on something; you could sell your heirloom here and get money for it instead. Selling a piece to an auctioneer is much better than selling your work in a pawn shop since pawn shops don’t offer you as much money as auctioneers do.

Things to consider when buying or selling jewellery in an auction include;

1. A glance at the auction catalogue

Before you decide on the piece of jewellery you are going to walk home with, make sure you check its description and its tallied selling price. If there is a manufacturer list, you could check with them directly and ask about the costs. If the piece you want to purchase or sell is an old piece, you should consider its antique jewellery valuation before you think about auctioning or bidding for it.

2. Don’t be scared of handling the piece

As a buyer, you should not be afraid to examine the stone you want to purchase. It would help if you looked at its craftsmanship, layout, demand, scarcity, size, colour and condition. Once you consider this, you can walk out of the auction with something worth your money.

3. Have a bid limit

Once you know the type of jewellery you want to go home with, the next step is for you to know how much you are willing to pay for the jewellery. When you come across a piece of jewellery you have always wanted, you will be ready to pay any amount to have it, but this can make you get conned and ask for too much money because you look desperate. Make sure you have a cutoff so you don’t regret your decision later.

4. Carry out a survey

Before you visit any jewellery auction, you should get an auction catalogue to read about the items that will be auctioned, and you will know what you will find when you enter the auction. You could also search where the jewellery originated, seeing the purity of the jewellery you want to purchase. Every auction gives its buyers a chance to look at the jewellery, and you could use the knowledge you gathered from your catalogues to determine the type of jewellery you want.


When you go to buy any form of jewellery, and you love antique things, make sure you take a vintage jewellery valuation so that you can use your money appropriately and pay for something worth the price. Considering the information above, you will be able to walk into any auction without any issues.

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