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The Economics Finance Documentation Center: a service open to all



Cedef, the Economy-Finance documentation center, makes all of the regulations in force, particularly tax regulations, available to the public.

He is able to help you in your research on the tax documentation prepared by the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP).

The tax administration publishes detailed comments and analyzes of the regulations in force:

The BOFIP-Tax base : the official bulletin of public finances – Taxes is a single and exhaustive documentary base, consolidated and versioned at all times; it publishes the DGFiP’s comments on all the tax provisions in force.
The tax documentation on the tax site specific tax, practical brochures, leaflets …
Cedef librarians may not under any circumstances interpret published texts and documents, or carry out expert research without reference. Nor are they empowered to comment on taxpayer tax files, to which they do not have access.

Contact the tax administration

For any request requiring the examination of a tax expert, contact the tax administration to which you depend, depending on your situation and the subject of your request: the contact section of the tax website will guide you in identifying the right contact person.

You can also ask your questions by means of the secure messaging of your private space or your professional space on the tax website.

It is also possible to make an appointment with your service to be received at the counter or called back on the phone.

Finally, national call centers are available to you at no additional cost (at the cost of a local call):

the 0,809,401,401 responds to individuals, as well as issues of monthly payment and collection at maturity of the CFE Professional 8006 000 245 answers questions about support measures for companies to face the health crisis

In addition, if you are a professional, association or local authority, the tax ruling procedure allows you to obtain the administration’s position on the application of a tax text, in particular with regard to a particular situation. The formulated response provides you with legal certainty. General rulings are integrated into the BOFIP-Tax database.

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