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What insurance does an SME need?



Compulsory social insurance

You are responsible for your employees. Therefore, in Switzerland, the following obligations apply to all employers:

are mandatory. Accident insurance (LAA) insures the consequences of accidents affecting your employees. Occupational providence (LPP), for its part, pays benefits in the event of death, disability and old age.

, as an SME owner, you can for example join a collective foundation. Within this foundation, a retirement asset is set up for the retirement provision of your employees, which will supplement the benefits paid by the AVS. Additional protection in the event of disability or death exists for employees and their surviving relatives. Insurance is compulsory from an annual salary of CHF 21,330.–. The insured salary is capped at CHF 85,320.– before coordination deduction (as of 01.01.2019), but you can set it at a higher amount.
Extra-compulsory services

BVG benefits are financed through salary deductions. The share of your contribution as an employer is at least 50% of the contributions due. You can choose to pay a higher contribution or to supplement the provident fund with additional benefits: this is a good way to set yourself apart from other competing employers in the market. These executive solutions allow you to close the pension gaps.

For you and for your employees, occupational pensions are a decisive element.
, you must take into account all the characteristics of your staff, such as age, income and descendants. To do this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Accident insurance

In Switzerland, the accident insurance law (UVG) provides all employees with protection against occupational and non-occupational accidents, and against work-related illnesses. In the event of an accident, the
covers medical costs, daily allowances and annuity benefits (AI pension, widow’s pension and orphan’s pension).

This accident insurance is compulsory for you as an employer. It covers the annual salary of your employees up to a maximum of CHF 148,200.–. Does your company have employees whose remuneration exceeds this amount? You then have the possibility of insuring in addition the part of the salary beyond this ceiling.

Daily allowance insurance

The law (324a CO) foresees for employers the obligation to continue to pay an employee’s wages when the latter falls ill. Even if this obligation is limited in time, the sums involved can be substantial.

daily allowance insurance

allows you to amortize these costs. It has another advantage: if you finance it up to at least 50% and you insure 80% of the salary over the usual 720 days, the waiting period for all disability benefits can be increased by 12 to 24 months, which in turn lowers the LPP risk premium.

Insurance adapted for your SME

It’s all a matter of comparison. Indeed, including for social insurance, there are the most diverse tariffs. Thus, for start-ups, we often take into account the targeted development. Compare the different offers and benefit from comprehensive insurance advice for SMEs.

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