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The Importance of Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement


In this advanced age of ecommerce, next day delivery, multi-channel retail strategies, and smart technology, there is one ever-present business rule that persists to this day. This is that knowing your customers is of vital importance. To put that into more business-like terminology, customer engagement is absolutely essential. However, while the importance of this is fundamental to running a business, the ways of doing it can vary a lot.

The Ever-Changing Rules of the Game

Customer engagement strategies vary with the size of the company and whether the retail company is online or off. Ecommerce paradoxically offers a much wider reach in terms of customers and much easier ways to connect with them, but also an inability to make the human connection which typically fosters customer loyalty. With brick-and-mortar outlets, this opportunity is available, but it depends on having a consistent staff approach (and it becomes harder the more customers frequent the store).

Not only that though, but the methods of customer engagement are also updated constantly as information technology and other business-related technologies develop. To take the example of ecommerce again, things like live streams and direct customer engagement in the form of onsite chat windows or email exchanges allow a relationship to be built. Such technology will only become more sophisticated however and the rules of the game will change again. Once again, how you engage in customer engagement changes as the company grows and reaches increased numbers of customers.

So, by factoring in all the different ways in which the preferred method of customer engagement can vary, it is clear that any kind of holistic approach to the problem is sure to be multi-faceted – and it needs to be up to date. This is one area of the business that is changing so fast that it is easy to get left behind without the latest technologies, methods, tips, and tricks.

Customer Knowledge

Nevertheless, the point of customer engagement goes beyond the need for building a relationship with customers; it should also allow you to learn who your customers are. When you start off in business, it is likely that you will have an idea, based on some rough market data, what type of consumer is likely to be interested in your products. As people then go on to actually purchase from you, you get the chance to meet them. However, while interactions with your customers will give you a good idea of what they have come to expect from you, you can always go further in getting to know them.

The way to do this is to collect what data you can about your customer. This does not necessarily mean lots of personal data (asking for too much of that can put customers off) but it does mean things like where your customers live and what the typical needs are for that area. Learning where your customers are coming from will also allow you to gauge the reach of your ecommerce venture, simply by noting the furthest away places your products are shipped too.

Financial Planning

Finally, top customer engagement will help with your financial planning. You can see how your customer base is growing, for one thing, and you can see what type of resources you will need to accommodate it in future. Invoice factoring service fastFACTR, for example, note that this is an effective way to plan out for how long you will rely on financial aid of this sort.

Customer engagement grows along many axes and can be gauged by numerous metrics. Nevertheless, as your customer base grows, so should your knowledge of it.

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