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What will the new Apple Search Engine Look Like – How Will It Change Digital Marketing?

Change Digital Marketing


A lot of rumours have been going around lately about the plans of a worldwide renowned tech giant brand to create their very own search engine. You might have heard some tidbits surrounding this news, but as of this writing, nothing has been confirmed yet. In case you’re still figuring out what company that is, it is none other than Apple. Yes, you’ve read that right.

2020 has been a busy year for Apple. Aside from the launch of their iPhones, tablets, and MacBooks, a lot of industry experts speculated that the brand actually has plans on releasing its own search engine to rival Google. For years now, Apple has remained on top of its game. It continues to promote innovation and advancement which is why it’s not surprising that people have started speculating about something more. However, if the brand does really plan on launching a search engine, what could this development mean to the future of digital marketing?

Let’s find out by citing some possibilities around that idea.

Changes in User Behaviour

If a new search engine is introduced, there’s a probability that it will disrupt user behaviour. There’s a high likelihood that marketers would have to circle back and forth to the existing strategies and practices they already know.

No Major Changes in SEO Practices

Although some are speculating that from an SEO standpoint, not much change will take place that may not be the case if Apple creates a whole new algorithm that is far different from what Google has. Many industry experts find Apple using a completely different algorithm is very improbable.

Paid Advertising Might Be a Possibility in the Near Future

Looking from a PPC (pay-per-click)  perspective, any new search engine means a completely new avenue for paid advertising. Though many are speculating that as it is still starting, the tech giant will refrain from diving in first to this venture. However, once they see a demand for it, it is almost certain that they will open up this venue in their future revenue stream. Of course, this means an additional budget on top of the other costs for digital marketing services, but businesses are always willing to pay if it means better ROI and conversion.

It Will Focus on the US Market Before Going Global

If you look at Apple’s previous launches, the search engine will probably start off with the US markets and will be heavily focused on mobile users. The brand would first find its success in its home country before spreading its reach to a more global market.

Could Apple’s Search Engine Match Up with Google?

It’s too early to tell whether Apple could really topple down Google from its place as the most preferred search engine. But one thing is for sure, the latter would certainly never back down without a fight. Having been in the industry since the beginning, the multinational tech company has never lost to anyone.

Aside from that, Google pretty much sets the standards for a lot of things in terms of SEO, PPC, SEM, and even social media marketing. With how things are going right now, it’s clear that Google will continue to show more innovation in the industry of digital marketing.

How Businesses Should Prepare for This Possibility?

As of date, Apple has given no signs of whether there’s truth or possibility behind this idea, so all of these are still based on speculation and observations. However, in order to cope with what’s coming, it’s better to stay prepared and on the lookout for any news and updates.

One good preparation businesses could make is to find a highly skilled and fully innovative team to whom they could entrust their marketing initiatives. Once they do this, they certainly stand a better chance of surviving and capitalising on the opportunities that Google and Apple might offer.

In case your business is a complete newbie in the field, the best preparation you can do is to make an investment in digital marketing. Now, if you’re concerned about the cost of digital marketing, it usually varies depending on what services you will get. Regardless, it’s still a wise choice to invest and start your own campaign to have an edge over your competitors as well as maintain visibility to your target market.

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